Avasport AcroBase paragliding harness by XC Paragliding in South Africa

Acro Base

The Acro Base harness raises the standards regarding safety in acrobatic paragliding. The normal under the seat reserve and a New base container on the back for a skydiving reserve or base canopy. Acro Base is a hybrid between an acro harness and skydiving rig. The cutaway system releases your glider and simultaneously opens the reserve. There is No possibility for the glider to entangle with the reserve.  The overall fresh look and funky colors to the perks of this amazing harness, created to comfort you in a adrenaline rush.The Acro Base harness comes with the RSL System, D-bag for the square reserve and all handles.

Weight: 5.5kg

Priced at 1270 euro.

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