Basic License

Winnie van Noord pilot for XC Paragliding in South Africa

The most important thing to know is that our paragliding lessons are FUN!

Meet the Instructors

XC Paragliding & Paragliding S.A. is comprised of Dirk Coetzee and Chris van Noord; along with seven distinguished, experienced and SAHPA certified instructor/ tandem pilots. When you learn at XC Paragliding & Paragliding S.A., you may be learning from an accomplished competition pilot, an examiner for the national organization or one of the top aerobatics pilots in the country. One thing is for sure; you will be learning from a personable and confident instructor that knows how to have fun while keeping things safe.

Where & When Do Lessons Take Place?

We operate at various sites in Mpumalanga, Northwest Province and Gauteng. We teach all year round on weekends, weather permitting. We can recommend some lodging options for you.

What are Paragliding Lessons Like?

We pride ourselves on offering one on one or one on two instruction. Some students are comfortable with a quick progression and others move along very slowly. We have learned that over the long term, the student that progresses more slowly will actually enjoy the process more. In the end, our students consistently exceed the SAHPA minimum requirements for attaining their Basic License and have a great time doing so. They graduate with skills and experience to allow them to go fly safely.

Why are XC Paragliding & Paragliding S.A. Lessons the Best?

Don’t forget! We have been teaching since 2003 and during that time we have excelled in many areas including, teaching beginners, teaching people how to teach and teaching people how to fly tandem. If you check around, you will find that our instructors and our program are highly recommended. Many pilots come to us for continued education and remark that they wish they had come to us in the first place.

Our training sites  are the most consistent in the country which means that you will be taking your first flights, soaring and working on the finer points of paragliding in short order. No doubt you will be making the most of your valuable time. If you can’t travel to Us, let us know where you are and when you are free. We have associate instructors throughout South Africa..

Please Contact us if you would like more information about paragliding lessons!