Kortel Design Kontainer in South Africa by XC Paragliding


The Kontainer allows secure installation of the parachute in a vertical position that will attach to any harness.

The Kontainer has two sets of attachments. One set for attaching to the karabiners and the other set attaching to the harness strapping stabilising the unit in an event of a deployment.

It has a large deployment handle, suitable for the largest of gloved hands.


The Kontainer is available in three sizes.

  • Small, for ultra light XS and S.
  • Medium, for ultra light M, L and standard small sizes.
  • Large, for the standard M and L.


  • Small: 178g, handle included.
  • Medium: 194g, handle included.
  • Large: 208g, handle included.

(The exact weight may vary a few grams).

The installation instructions are available on the ‘Technical Support Page’, Installation Kontainer

Kortel Design website.

Priced at 60 euro.

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