Karver II

Kortel Design Karver II paragliding harness in South Africa by XC Paragliding

Karver II

The Karver II goes on with the concept of harness without shoulders inaugurated with the Karver. This concept has widely proved its potential in term of comfort, safety and handling. 
The Karver II becomes 35% lighter, more comfortable and simpler, but it becomes also modular, following the example of Kruyer II with whom it shares the system of fixation.
Indeed, Karver II is planned to welcome diverse modules. A reversible bag-airbag is already available. Some others modules will come later.


  • The waist strap buckle and the thigh belts buckles are to imbricate, condition of simplicity and safety.


  • The SaK II, reversible bag-airbag, which once attached increase comfort and handling of the harness.
  • The Tandem module, that make the Karver II becomes a tandem pilot harness.
  • Kontainer, ventral rescue Kontainer, fixed on the main carabiners.

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Priced at 294 euro.

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